Why KAI and not any of the other organizations and coalitions being built now?

We built this platform to empower Iranians in Iran (not the diaspora) We believe a secular democracy should be built within Iran by Iranians without interference, so we are just here to provide the tools for them to do so safely We are an unbiased, non-partisan, non-profit organization. Our members, who are volunteers, can’t take a governmental position within Iran. And, we will not interfere or meddle with the secular democracy Iranians choose to build.

Why not partner with other organizations?

Our goal is to network with organizations and individuals that hold the same belief: that a secular democracy should be built by Iranians within Iran

Who started KAI?

KAI was initiated by Faraj Aalaei, Shahin Hedayat, Hossein Moiin, and others, all of whom are well-renowned technologists and business leaders in high-technology industries. Mr. Aalaei, Mr. Hedayat, and Mr. Moiin are Iranian American immigrants with deep roots in Silicon Valley. His goal with KAI, a non-profit organization, is to tap world-renowned scientists, engineers, and leaders within the Iranian diaspora with the objective to build the technology tools and services that will help Iranians safely and securely build a secular democracy of their choosing.

Who are KAI’s members?

The builders, founders, and leaders of KAI are volunteers and best-in-breed scientists, engineers, and business leaders based in the diaspora who will not accept any form of payment or gifts and will not take compensated positions in any government or government agency relating to Iran. Their only goal is to build tools and services that help Iranians safely build a secular democracy of their choosing.

How does KAI work?​

Is a free, unbiased, non-partisan, and safe platform that creates an ecosystem that facilitates communication, problem-solving, consensus, content creation, and distribution while protecting privacy.

Can KAI be used elsewhere?​

Yes, it is our hope that KAI will be used in regions that may be under oppressive regimes and dictatorships where there is a desire and movement of people wanting a secular democracy and need to be able to communicate, virtually congregate and speak freely and safely. We believe in providing those tools that will allow oppressed people to communicate, create and build consensus safely without detection. 

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